Many Campuses, One Platform

Sofos doesn’t just support your school: it can support your entire system. School districts that need a unified solution for student records and learning management can use SOFOS to connect them all into one ecosystem.

What does that mean for students and teachers?
It means that you can track student progress and performance across different grade levels and across school years. It means that you can streamline workflow and interfaces between schools. And it means that parents and teachers can use a straight-forward and unified interface over the course of years.

Maintain Branding
Your district doesn’t have to worry about fragmented branding or identity. All schools can have a connected platform that represents the interests of your school district across multiple campuses.

Centralize Plug-Ins and Extensions
Use the same additions to your learning platform to keep workflow standard across different schools, and maintain a Student Management System that adapts to your district’s needs.

Standardized Support and Consulting
Enjoy SOFOS support across all your schools. That means that additions, changes, and expansions can roll out quickly and efficiently across your entire school system, rather than one school at a time.

Administer Your Student Management With Ease
Have a centralized administrator pool to support student information and learning management, even if your administrators are in different locations.

Top-of-the-Line Communication
SOFOS works with existing messenger apps, notably Facebook Messenger or your existing SMS service. This means that you don’t need to get online to get basic information. Just shoot a text to your SOFOS server and EMMA will retrieve your results immediately.

No Cumbersome Transitions
Parents and students don’t need to learn a new system between grades, and teachers can manage several courses at the same grade level, or multiple grade levels. And records remain easily accessible no matter where students are in their academic career.

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