Your chat assistant for SOFOS. With Emma, students and teachers alike can sign up for emergency and assignment alerts via text, or retrieve records through SMS or Facebook Messenger.

Who is EMMA?

The SOFOS platform leverages existing technologies to keep teachers, students, and parents on the same page. We all use texts and messenger tools to communicate with one another, so why not use them to stay in touch in school?

That’s where Emma comes in.

EMMA is the built-in personal assistant included with the SOFOS platform. Emma is

  • Responsive
  • Mobile
  • Available through multiple software platforms

If Communication is Your Issue,
EMMA is Your Answer

In our contemporary education system, it is more and more the case that parents, teachers, and students need to work together in order to succeed. In order to work together effectively, these individuals need a robust communications platform that brings together student information and cutting-edge communication tools to make teacher-parent collaboration intuitive, flexible, and integrated with the latest technologies.

With EMMA, students and teachers can use SMS or Facebook Messenger to retrieve records and student data on the fly. What’s more, EMMA is an all-in-one communication system. Receive class updates, assignments, or school-wide alerts or emergency messaging immediately to your Facebook account of phone.

EMMA really shines when it comes to getting the information you need at a moment’s notice. With EMMA, you can get students records, course or school schedules, and more simply by asking. EMMA works with your existing technologies, so no matter if you send her a request via text message or Facebook Messenger, she’ll be able to respond immediately and accurately.

Built for you existing workflows

Easily integrate with platforms of your choice. Below are some popular ones apart from others.