Frequantly Asked Questions

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General questions

What is SOFOS?
SOFOS is a tailored software solution that combines three crucial areas of digital learning into a single platform. These areas are:
Records and Information Management:
As institutions incorporate more digital technology and record keeping methods, having a solid interface for storing and retrieving those records is a must. A solid Student Information System (SIS, also known as a student management system) like SOFOS provides teachers and administration with web-based and secure methods of recording student grades, attendance, and contact information. What’s more, a system like SOFOS is flexible enough to allow customization: just define the information you want to keep records of and integrate all of it into one easy-to-manage system.
Learning Management:
Learning Management Systems allow teachers to bring modern methods of teaching and learning into their classrooms with online course materials and assessment. Want to post a syllabus or homework assignment? How about embedded audio and video? Or even a calendar of weekly events? With a LMS in place, teachers can engage students online, in the classroom, and everywhere in between.
Adaptive Learning Systems:
Data is king, and this is no truer anywhere else than in education. Modern teachers have learned that tracking student assessment and performance data provides key insights on how to adapt in-class instruction for the needs of specific students, or even specific courses. Instead of a “one size fits all” model, teachers can create flexible and dynamic curricula that helps students succeed where they are at, and not the other way around.
As a tailored, turnkey solution for your institution, SOFOS brings Student Information Management, Learning Management, and Adaptive Learning together to serve your staff, faculty, and students.
Why Do I Need a Student Information System?
Are you keeping paper records of your students? Then why settle for a system that doesn’t keep information readily available? A SIS solution keeps your staff up-to-date on crucial student information, and allows teachers and parents to make sure that students are present and taken care of.
Why Do I Need an Learning Management System?
Because teaching is entering the digital age. With an effective LMS, teachers can meet students where they are, providing instruction and materials in an easily accessible way, while providing the key information they need to stay on task. This includes assignment sheets, tests, course updates, grades, and semester or quarterly calendars.
What is Data-Driven Learning?
Data-drive, adaptive learning brings the best of data analytics to the world of hands-on education and curriculum development. A good adaptive learning solution uses student performance and comparative analytics to compile detailed records of successes failures, and spaces for improvement. Advanced Data-Driven Learning systems (like SOFOS) even utilize tools like data visualization and machine learning to interpret areas for concern or improvement.
Data-Driven Learning provides teachers with actionable data that can impact teaching methods in a positive way, providing real change based on student needs.
How Does Adaptive Learning Work?
“Adaptive learning” is an approach to education that integrates in-class instruction, digital resource management, and data analysis to create adaptive teaching methods. Students and teachers work through digital technology that collects and analyzes data related to student assessment, trends in homework and test performance, and areas of difficulty to provide crucial insight for teachers. Then, teachers can take this information to adapt aspects of their curriculum or instruction to better suit the needs of students individually or in smaller groups.
The synthesis of big data and traditional in-class teaching produces a truly dynamic model through predictive analytics for learning and instruction.
NEXT is the suite of predictive learning tools integrated into the SOFOS system. NEXT provides the tools teachers and administrators need to identify at-risk students, model student success over time, and make suggestions on academic counseling. NEXT uses advanced learning and visualization tools to provide teachers and administrators with the information and insight they need to make informed and productive decisions for their students.
Who is Emma?
Emma is the SOFOS built-in chat assistant. With Emma, students and teachers alike can sign up for emergency and assignment alerts via text, or retrieve records through SMS or Facebook Messenger.
How Does SOFOS Help Me Collaborate?
We built SOFOS to help teachers, parents, and administrators provide high-quality instruction and support for students. To that end, SOFOS includes numerous, integrated communication and record-retrieval features. Administrators and parents can access student information to keep up-to-date on key areas of the student experience, including attendance and test scores. Likewise, teachers and parents can communicate via SMS or Facebook Messenger to discuss student progress or plan for conferences. Of course, students and teachers can communicate on curriculum, assignments, and tests as well.